We’re seeking 100 companies to commit to hiring at least 1 software engineer from Gaza and/or the West Bank in 2024. 




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We’re so excited about the progress we’ve made so far - Microsoft, Talabat, Careem and Outschool are among the  companies that have joined to hire talent from Palestine. 

We can see the campaign is working, we're setting really ambitious goals: 100 more companies with 50 + employees to commit by 30th June, this is where we will see the real impact at scale.

For smaller companies we’re still happy to support you through our TAP & bees. Don’t miss out on their initiatives if unsure, apply!



Palestine needs your help rebuilding now


In the past months, Gaza & the West Bank's economies have been devastated with hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. 


Talented people deserve opportunities wherever they live. Make your commitment to hire an engineer... or help spread the word.


102/200 companies committed

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Our goal is to reach 200 companies making

commitments by June 30th, 2024 

Our Partners


These companies have hired talent from Manara or committed to supporting the #TechJobsForPalestine campaign. 

Sample Profiles


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Exceptional Engineers

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Strong Talent

  • Palestinians have always valued education. University graduation rates are higher than in the USA. Plus, at Manara we train and vet our software community to ensure they meet high global standards.



  • Palestine is a diverse country in all senses: ethnicity, religion, languages... and gender. It's one of few places in the world where women study technical fields at equal rates to men.



  • Our founders met in Gaza in 2014 and reconnected in Silicon Valley years later. We could never forget the people we knew in Gaza: their willingness to reach for their dreams despite all odds inspired us. We launched Manara in 2018 to help them... and knew companies hiring them would benefit too.




  • Whatever your location needs, someone will want to meet them. Most engineers prefer to stay home & work remotely, but they can shift to meet your time zone and we can figure out any other logistical hurdles. Some prefer to relocate... Europe, Middle East, and Canada are easiest for visa sponsorship.

Our investors


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3 Ways You Can Help


1. Make your commitment to hire

Don't worry if you don't have all the details figured out yet. If you expect to have headcount & are willing to go the extra mile to figure out how to hire talent from Palestine, make your commitment here.  


2. Make an intro to a hiring manager

Know a VP of Engineering, Talent Acquisition Manager, Head of DEI, or CEO? Tell them they can make a difference... and access great talent too. Email them this email template.


3. Share the campaign via Email, WhatsApp or Social Media


If you're Palestinian & looking for a job

For software engineers: 

  • If you're a software engineer from Palestine and are looking for a job, you can sign up right now! Our team will send you an assessment and access to our training, and keep you in mind for relevant opportunities.

For ALL talent from Palestine: 

We've partnered with Bees.to who are working hard to connect all Palestinian talent to remote jobs. We recommend you sign up for their services too.

If you're an employer looking for marketing and business development roles
TAP is one of the campaign partners and will help you find tech talent from Palestine for full-time remote marketing and business development roles. 


How can Gazans safely work right now?  

Most can't yet, but we are hopeful that Gazans will be online and safe enough to work in the coming months. We know they will be desperate for jobs - both to gain income and a sense of normalcy. In the meantime there are some Gazans who have evacuated and are eager to work ASAP.

Why do West Bankers need jobs?

While most people in the West Bank have been able to continue accessing internet from a safe home/office during the current conflict. But even before the current conflict, Palestinians had a high unemployment rate and the West Bank economy has also lost an enormous number of jobs due to cuts in philanthropic funding, restrictions Israel has imposed on mobility, etc. 

Is it legal to hire & pay Palestinians? 

Yes, it's legal to hire people from Gaza and the West Bank as contractors or through an Employer of Record. If you're uncertain about the process of hiring software engineers from Palestine remotely, check out our guidebook or schedule a call with our founder. Our team can guide you on this... and if no other options meet your needs, we can facilitate your payroll for you so that your contract would be with a USA entity.

Can opportunities be for relocation? 

While we encourage companies to hire remotely so that Palestinians can stay home, some Palestinians do prefer to relocate. We support our talent community with their dreams & believe doing so is more important now than ever. It's easiest for Palestinians to get visas to relocate to:


  • - Middle East (UAE, Turkey, etc)
  • - Europe (UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Poland, etc)
  • - Canada

I have filled out the commitment form, what is the process after that? 

Amazing! You will hear back from our team within 3 business days to schedule an intake call. If you're not yet ready to hire, we'll align on the best timing to reconnect.


Will there be any hiring fees? 

Yes, we ask that companies pay fees for our services as long as this isn't a barrier to creating impact. Manara is a social impact startup launched to support talent in the Middle East & North Africa, with a focus on Palestine and women throughout the region. The fees we charge hiring partners enable us to offer training to our talent community for free. If our fees are ever a barrier to an engineer reaching their dream job, please let us know so we can waive them. Note: Talent from Palestine will not be charged for our services.


Don't people need urgent humanitarian aid, not jobs?

People need both. We are constantly being contacted by members of our community who are ready to work and lost their jobs. However, humanitarian needs are dire too. We've been supporting our community by connecting them to our mentor network around the world that has been sending financial support directly as needed. Many of our community members are also running crowdfunding campaigns that they are sharing directly online.


But others in Gaza aren't as lucky. We strongly urge you to support them financially by donating to organizations providing food, water, medical supplies, and other humanitarian relief. Here are some recommendations sourced directly from our community:


- United Nations Relief and Work Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA): www.unrwa.org

- Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF): www.pcrf.net 

- International Medical Corps (IMC): www.internationalmedicalcorps.org 



About Manara

Manara is a social impact startup whose mission is to connect the top tech talent in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) to the best jobs in the world and thus diversify the global tech sector. We were born out of our work in Gaza, and are especially committed to women throughout the region and Palestine. We are backed by the world’s top investors including Y Combinator, Seedcamp, Precursor Ventures, Neo, Stripe, and angels including Reid Hoffman, Paul Graham and Marc Benioff.


We identify the top talent in this region, run the largest computer science community with 50% women, provide talent development training, and refer the best engineers to the best companies in our hiring partner network. Our alumni work at companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, and more. Learn more here.