Our mission is to unlock the human potential of the Middle East and North Africa


We are building a community committed to diversifying the global tech sector while uplifting the economies of the Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on Palestine and women.




About the region

We believe this region will soon be known globally for the caliber of its tech talent. We are accelerating that trend and its inclusivity.


  • CS grads in Palestine are women


female CS grads in Palestine are unemployed


annual projected STEM grads in 2025 in MENA


youth unemployment in the world

Our Mentors

Engineers and other professionals from top tech companies & startups join us to pay it forward.




Our Investors

Top investors and companies from Silicon Valley are helping us turn our vision into a reality.

& many other top investors

Our Supporters

These partners help software engineers in the Middle East reach their dreams.


Our commitment to social impact

Manara is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. We believe in leveraging the best of the business & tech sectors to achieve social impact sustainably and at scale.


What is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) ?

A public benefit corporation (PBC) is a type of for-profit corporation that is created to generate social and public good. PBCs are legally committed to dedicating resources, funds or both toward their chosen public benefit and that shareholders cannot extinguish or water-down that commitment from year to year.




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